About Alex Aqua

Alex Aqua is one of the Alex Group companies that care about public health, serving citizens, companies, bodies, institutions, hospitals .... etc.

First: Tanks Department

1- Disinfection and sterilization of drinking and fire water tanks
2- Supplying and installing tanks of all kinds (polyethylene - fiberglass - stainless steel - galvanized sheet - Concrete tanks)
3- Insulation, restoration and painting of concrete tanks and tin
4- Supply, installation and maintenance of water pumps of all kinds

Second: Filters section and Water Stations

1- Drinking water treatment (homes - offices - embassies - banks - central units - villas and buildings)
2- Well water treatment (agricultural and industrial purposes)
3- Water treatment for industrial purposes (boilers - production lines - cooling towers)
4- Treatment of mineral water and soft drinks
5- Treatment of Nile and sea water (boats - tourist villages)
6- Hemodialysis units

Third: Swimming Pools
1- Supplying and installing all types of swimming pools

2- Maintenance of all types of swimming pools
3- Disinfection, sterilization and cleaning of all types of swimming pools
4- Periodic follow-up and guarantee

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Alex Group is one of the best control companies in Egypt as it relies on the strongest technical programs in pest control in addition to quality programs that make them always distinguished